Friday, September 27, 2019

The New York Times' Full Court Press

I count about 14 impeachment-related stories/op-eds in today's New York Times. Not much doubt that the Gray Lady wants el Bloato gone, PDQ.

Today's NYT editorial explains why the impeachment inquiry is the only option.

There's a story about how Trump aides, gathered in the 'listening room,' heard Trump's call with the Ukrainian president and went immediately into damage control mode to try to keep the conversation from ever getting out even as others got on the phone to the whistle blower.

A report of Nancy Pelosi accusing Attorney General, Bill Barr, of "going rogue."
Meanhile columnist Michelle Goldberg asks "Just how corrupt is Bill Barr?" Answer: plenty.

Conservative columnist, David Brooks, write that Trump is guilty as hell but impeachment is still a mistake.

Not so, says Paul Krugman who writes that impeaching Trump would be good for the economy.

Harvard law professor and author of a book on impeachment, Cass Sunstein, offers a guide to how to assess if Trump deserves to be impeached. (Spoiler alert - yes)

If you were an alien picking up today's NYT you could easily think that impeachment was akin to a world war. Who knows, maybe it will be.

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The NYT comes out against tRump!