Saturday, September 21, 2019

There's Not Much Sunlight Between Them. T-Rex Murphy and 'Liberal' Stalwart, the Legend, Warren Kinsella.

Just sayin'


the salamander said...

.. Manna from heaven for Murphy & Kinsella.. and many many more.. indeed we are at full tilt boogie time for the extreme parsing of word, phrase, frame grab, photo or even recollection.. did I mention 'me too' .. I've never been able to stomach Rex Murphy's verbal conceits & having been banished (blocked on Twitter) and his whine to me about 'the likes of you' claiming I commented on his blog to defame him waa pretty weird.

Hell I even give Montreal Simon a friendly jab here n there.. but he's super gracious enough.. and I truly appreciate him. Not everyone can be a Norm Farrell or a Climenhaga, though I wish we had more like them. Kinsella seems to have found a ticket to ride in beating on Trudeau, well Amen then.. do your thang, go big or don't go.. I spared a glance at the Rex blurting but I just tend to avoid what I describe as 'de-stablizing' material.. I don't need or want all the drama in my head..

I get enough from the thunder of the guns in the distance, to know there are guns going off.. I don't follow sirens either, nor do I photograph people in tragedy.. I never had the steel and ice in my bones of W Eugene Smith or his incredible passion and compassion.. or his wonderful way with people. I did shoot video is almost every major hospital in Canada.. all sorts of wards, procedures, treatment, you name it. But they were places of healing and teaching, saving to me.. quite remarkable.. I have a special place inside me for the nurses and docs etc.. I think they're contemporary saints, gods even

I must push on with my day.. explode into Sunday.. will vanish into twitterworld for some adventure.. I am shifting ever more into creative writing.. shirt and long fiction and also plan to explore my vast photo archive, with a scanner and printer & even a tight little lamination kit.. I don't want to be like Rex or Warren.. it must be exhausting and dramatic, even exciting.. I want to be like me.. and it does seem there's no escape.. regards to Beautiful BC & that wondrous big island

Trailblazer said...

Ahhh, Rex Murphy, the man of many words that has nothing to say.

And this is his platform.


Northern PoV said...

Having heard plenty of their screed years ago ...

I have made a point to mute the TV or change the channel when Don Cherry or Rex Murphy appears.

I never get past the print or web headlines for Murphy ...
or Warren Kinsella who blocked me on his blog comments long before Twitter existed.

I do wonder why I have to see Kinsella's headlines in the "Progressive Bloggers". No vetting?

Maximumbob said...

Years ago I used to occasionally read Kinsella's blog even though I found it to mostly be an exercise in self promotion. Eventually his BS got to be too much and the final straw was when he out right lied in print, claiming his buddy Gord Brown doubled his margin of victory in the last general election. I live in the riding, and in fact, Brown's margin was halved. Without vote splitting by other parties, Brown would've lost. If Kinsella lied about something that is so easy to check, what other lies is he telling that aren't? If I were you Mound, I'd consider it a badge of honour to be blocked on his blog.

Anonymous said...

There's no sunlight between them because they both dwell in the nether-regions of irrelevant self-aggrandizement.

Murphy self-identifies as a linguistic genius who was forced to become a reporter [journalistic hack for hire by whichever entity with a remotely similar outlook to his own feeble thought processes had an available cheque ]

Kinsella is simply a legend in his own mind. The type who has somehow cowed everyone involved in the feeblemindedness of the Chretien "power play" to accept that he was the lynchpin (Probably lawyer stuff involved in that one, so publish this as you see fit)

Clarification due here:

Rex is rare among modern journalists in that he has some grasp of the differences between the Julian and Gregorian calendars, and a rudimentary understanding of alphabetical order and punctuation.

Kinsella has done some good work on exposing systemic/systematic racism in Canada - much of which is undermined by his simple-minded self-identification as a "punk". It is notable that his political "war-room" success stories predominantly auto-biographical.

There are serious irony deficiencies evident in the role of the CBC in perpetuating their mythographies.

Anonymous said...

and a further note for Rex, Warren, and your minders/enablers . . .

Canada is not the U.K, Saudi Arabia, or the U.S. of A.

Maybe you have brow beaten your kids (if you have any) to your misanthropic points of view, but every other person under 30 has spec'd your game.

This is your last gig - blow hard, or blow out - either way you're done.

Anonymous said...

To those two sprigs of self-enlightened self-aggrandisement, with Kinsella having praised idjuts from Wall to Ford and now Scheer, let us not forget that sitting there like a gigantic odious toad, eyes usually closed as advanced thoughts flit about his gigantic brain, judging the useless whelps of mankind arrayed before him at his feet, is Baron Black of Crossharbour.

The embodiment of entitled aristocracy, Conrad merely dresses up as historical figures, his milady wife by his side. Nobody seems to know if he's a Canadian since he renounced our piffling citizenship to go over and educate the Brits and be rewarded as a Lord for purchasing Boris' favourite newspaper of aristicratic hauteured BS, the Daily Telegraph, followed by a stretch in a greybar hotel in the US for a bit of a crime, where to pass the time he lectured other mystified cons on military history. Somehow the man takes up space in our country and still lives in Toronto. How? How can a former convicted criminal non-citizen even be allowed in our country? How can that be so? harper must have given him some deal. Proving that if you have two arch Conservative arseholes in collusion, there's a lot of red tape they can cut away for mutual advantage, to the detriment of mere citizens who pay their way.

Bloody farcically unbelievable.