Wednesday, September 18, 2019

We Know What We Want. It's Not on Offer.

It speaks for itself.

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Anonymous said...

Exactly. Screwed by a big talker who when the chips were down simply couldn't walk the walk. Because the consensus of that Parliamentary Committee was veering in a direction JT didn't like, like the child or manipulated puppet that he may be, he took away the Committee and shut it down. Then issued some childish claptrap about why he did so.

Keeping tabs on Brexit, there seems to be the beginning of a movement for proportional representation there too. Perhaps we should advise that "misguided" lot that their chances of getting such are somewhere between zero and minus infinity, and they should stop wasting their time, sit down and have a nice cup of tea instead.

Boris is an incompetent as well as a liar. In Luxembourg due to protests by ex-pats living there, he skipped a press conference with the PM. The Luxembourg leader then proceeded to roast Boris and the UK alive. No Juncker bureaucrat neutrality with him! Boris has been lying his ass off. Incredible reading for me: