Sunday, March 06, 2016

An Idea Whose Times Has Come?

Let's not dismiss this out of hand. Yesterday, son-in-law went to cast his expatriate vote for the Democratic primaries in Vancouver. I guess the ex-pat vote is tallied and delegates (some, a few, who knows?) are allocated accordingly. SIL possibly, probably, undoubtedly voted for Bernie. He's for Sanders all the way.

What made the Vancouver ex-pat ballot interesting and something perhaps we might consider for our general elections is that it was held in a special polling place - The Wolf and the Hound, an apparently pleasant (Trip Advisor 4 stars) Irish-themed pub.

The best part is that voters could kill two or four, possibly six, birds with one stone - exercising their democratic franchise and slaking their thirst all within just the one establishment. That beats the hell out of the Baptist church hall where I always have to vote in constant fear of being waylaid and put through the trials of exorcism.

Somehow I'm thinking this might fix our flagging voter turnout.


Lorne said...

An interesting idea, Mound, but perhaps, given the state of current American politics, the ex-pat group organizing the vote thought that an alcoholic balm was necessary for those who are truly distressed about what has happened in the land of their birth.

Anonymous said...

Well for over 40 years, the local Legion has been the venue for the polling stations, both federal and provincial in our district. Unfortunately, the bar is always closed and the lunch special is off. Rules,or Grand Conspiracy?