Saturday, May 05, 2018

Coming Soon to Your Little Part of The Coast

This will be showing at the local community centre next week. It's kinda making the rounds. Sort of thing that can bring people together.

I heard some talking head today, Global I think, blathering on how the dispute between Alberta and BC is a matter of tribalism. He said the coastal British Columbians had become a tribe but he was really trying to convey the image of a cult. A bunch of weirdos from the Land of Tree Huggers once again standing in the way of progress. His remarks were paternalistic and his conclusion was offensive but I sort of do agree. We're becoming a bit of a tribe out here or at least a lot of us are. And a lot of us are people who gave the Liberals that 15 seat boost in 2015. It might also be a first as First Nations and non are coming forward on the same fight. I'm not suggesting there's some racial equivalency here, not at all. Our First Nations are leading this thing. They're inspiring and motivating the other side of this tribe. That's a good thing.


the salamander said...

.. trying to see an effective alternative
It aint jumping out at me..

Next comes folks like me from Ontario in the forest
feeling this is horseshit salad minus the lettuce
Sitting at fires & listening to BC First Nations
waking up in the AM and appearing at the barb wire fences
or on the riverbanks, or marine shorelines

This aint about petro power nation..
This about selling out the country
and sacrificing whatever is convenient
to do so.. us, habitat, species, environment

Can Canada afford another election
federal or provincial..
where wicked assed questions are never asked
and coherent answers never supplied?

National Interest.. right
and folks in PEI or Cape Breton benefit how?
Energy Security For Quebecoise or Manitobans
because.. Trans Mountain expansion..

Being played for fools is such a 'strategy'..
and we buy it all the time
Its just repeating mistakes..
and wondering where credible public servants are
its like looking for salamanders in the wrong environments
you won't find one..

Owen Gray said...

B.C.'s seats may make the difference next time around.

The Mound of Sound said...

I was looking at maps of Vancouver ridings, Owen.

This is an issue that could cause serious problems for Jody Wilson-Raybould.

Toby said...

"This is an issue that could cause serious problems for Jody Wilson-Raybould."


Northern PoV said...

"the dispute between Alberta and BC is a matter of tribalism"

Alberta: Me Tarzan, you Mary Jane ;-)