Thursday, May 31, 2018

"This Isn't Climate Change, It's Everything Change" - Margaret Atwood

Canada's greatest writer, Margaret Atwood, sees a bad moon rising, especially for women and children, from climate change. Atwood says it's not just the climate, it's "everything change."

“This isn’t climate change – it’s everything change,” she will tell an audience at the British Library this week. “Women will be directly and adversely affected by climate change.” 
The author, whose landmark novel The Handmaid’s Tale has been turned into an acclaimed TV series depicting a dystopian future in which women are deprived of all rights and turned into breeding machines for men, predicts conflict, hardship and an increasing struggle for survival for women as climate change takes hold. 
“[Climate change] will also mean social unrest, which can lead to wars and civil wars and then brutal repressions and totalitarianisms. Women do badly in wars – worse than in peacetime.”
Now, Margaret, honey, calm your troubled mind. Don't worry. We've got what Bill McKibbin calls the "cutest, progressivest, bandboyiest leader" in the whole wide world, Justin Trudeau and he'll protect us. Surely he will. He's even got a plan to sell bitumen by the boatload to defeat climate change. We're in safe hands with Justin.


Anonymous said...

"A dystopian future in which women are deprived of all rights... Women do badly in wars – worse than in peacetime."
Another fine example of a meaningless rabid feminist rant.
Currently, more than 90% of workplace deaths occur among men.

Anonymous said...

Awwww! 8:54...poor you....while women are murdered because they are women by men.