Tuesday, May 01, 2018

There It Is. I Knew He'd Go There Eventually.

Justin Trudeau says British Columbians wouldn't be enduring such high gas prices if only Kinder Morgan's Trans Canada pipeline was up and running. It's right there in the Globe and Mail.

We've had two years of living with Justin Trudeau's claims and his promises, time enough to realize that, if it's coming out of his mouth and it has anything to do with pipelines or bitumen, the safest bet is to write it off as bullshit.

Blake Shaffer, an economist at the University of Calgary, disagreed. He stressed that the current rising price isn’t just a B.C. problem, but it is increasing in Alberta and Saskatchewan as well.

“The reality is nothing to do with the pipeline. This is just normal operations,” he said, referring to the annual spring maintenance as the driver of the high prices. What is unusual though is the coincidence of three refineries – two in Alberta and one in Burnaby, B.C. – going under maintenance around the same time.
“It’s a supply issue, not a transportation issue right now,” Mr. Shaffer said.
Trudeau, how do you respect a guy like that? Like Trump, he's a rank opportunist who says whatever comes to mind regardless of whether it has any connection to reality. Maybe Trudeau should explain this convenient coincidence of someone scheduling all three of those refineries for maintenance at the very same time.


the salamander said...

.. can anyone point me too a western refinery capable of 'coking' dilbit ? Any info re number of barrels of dilbit daily appreciated. Not just the crude upgrade to recover the diluent then process into asphalt.. but the more complex process to recover the 30% that is diluent.. and then crack it into aviation fuel, automobile fuel, heating fuel.. You know.. the Energy Security For Canadians process.

My understanding is that we rely on Washington State to accomplish this.. we feed it to them via existing pipeline and after they coke it.. they sell it back to us at the standard or going rate for the various components.. (hell, maybe they are gouging us?) But for sure I know, they pay more for the Alberta Tar Sand sludge than Asia will ever pay.. and if it gets to the Texas Gulf Coast for refining, the components will be sold back to us.. or loaded to supertankers for Pakistan, India or China.. or transferred in the USA, leftovers sold back to Canada

Waiting for Justin or ms McKenna or Jason Kenney to admit this, but I sure aint holding my breath ..

Yes.. there is an Ontario refinery, one in Quebec & 2 or 3 maritime refineries with cokers.. but could only do at most, 10 % of what Energy East was to deliver.. the rest was bound for Houston or Asia.. basically, we use dilbit for asphalt.. highway material.. National Interest & Energy Security For Canadians.. got it..

And we get 300 to 400 supertankers, inbound and outbound, so 600 to 800 transits and not with full loads, as the Vancouver channel is too shallow for fully laden Afromax supertankers. I look at the shipping - pipeline or ship records & destinations for this stuff.. not to our politicians who can't be bothered.. they too busy 'growing the economy' ..

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a refinery in Burnaby that feeds off the KM pipeline?


The Mound of Sound said...

There is, Cap. That's the one currently (and conveniently) down for repairs.

the salamander said...

barrels per day refining ? Approx is fine..

Anonymous said...

The Saudis are doing the same thing. It is nothing but a cash grab. Remember the shortage of oil during the early 70"s?. Anyong

Anonymous said...

There is only one refinery in the Maritimes, Irving Saint John NB. It has no coker and refines mostly Saudi and Bakken oil -
remember Lac Megantic? Venezuelan oil too when they can buy it cheap from that beleagured country now experiencing US sanctions for merely existing but not being a good little doggie of a country like we are and using the US dollar.

They're still at it, you know, Irving, shipping oil through Lac Megantic and Maine to Saint John on that decrepit railroad. Screw the citizens.

Irving also built an export terminal to ship dilbit to the US Gulf Coast that is no longer required due to cancellation of the Energy East pipeline. They figured it was a dead cert and spent $200 million on the export shipping terminal. No way did they ever contemplate refining it with a coker addition.

The Nfld refinery relies on its offshore conventional crude for supply. The Imperial Oil refinery in Halifax Regional municipality was pensioned off years ago, and now merely stores gasoline tankered up from Texas - Nova Scotia's main supply. !?!!? So well scheduled we ran out four summers ago.

Talk about cockeyed. This is not a real country. The fuckwit politicians and journos who rabitted on about Energy East NEVER mention(ed) dilbit, only crude oil, and tried to pull off a fast one there on the public or more likely wouldn't know the difference and don't care - above their pay grade of mere pontification on the basis of SFA and employer loyalties. Alberta is full of these lackeys as we know. Open mouth, reveal total incompetence, a long time Alberta trait except for the few of the Climenhaga persuasion. I include my relatives in Calgary in this dunning.

Nova Scotia Power buys some pure carbon coke leftover from the Koch Detroit dilbit refinery for basically nothing, and burns it in Canada's only fluidized-bed-boiler power station in Cape Breton. Koch gets its dilbit supply cheap from that leaky Enbridge pipeline that bled at Kalamazoo. And Asia is going to pay a premium world price for this sludge? Only in JT and Albertans fevered screwed-up minds.

Figure I might as well inform one last time here. Past education efforts not explicitly mentioning BC seem to not enter the consciousness of this group for more than two seconds.

BP was given the final go-ahead to drill 200 miles off Halifax with the same level of safety promises you west coasters rightfully bleat about - basically bugger all and a JT tapdance and selfie show.

Industry has this "country" by the ballz.