Wednesday, May 16, 2018

More Climate Change Woes for the Great Northern Petro-State

We're in for a ripper of a wildfire season. I suppose they're all "rippers" these days for the Great White Northern petro-state in this the era of anthropogenic climate change.

Can you feel it? C'mon, can you? Look at the climate stories just from today: American fish stocks heading north. The world running out of fresh water. Now another crazy wildfire season is upon us.

Federal wildfire researchers say most regions in Canada could be facing a long, hot, fiery summer. 
Wildfire starts and the amount of land burned were below average for the first few weeks of the season, but dry weather is turning things around, said Richard Carr, a fire research analyst with Natural Resources Canada. 
"We've had a long, lingering winter and a bit of a slow start to the fire season, but the numbers are higher than the same time last year."

Cap that off with a deranged government whose focus is to expedite the extraction and export of as much high-carbon, toxin-laden sludge petroleum as possible as quickly as possible and it's pretty easy to get overwhelmed by the nihilistic lunacy.
Two provinces have already had their first evacuations of the year. About 40 people in Crutwell, Sask., have had to flee their homes at least twice. Seven families in Lac du Bonnet, Man., also had to leave. 
Manitoba has counted 119 fires so far. Last year at this time, the figure was 27 and the year before that it was 58. 
Nationally, the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre says Canada is about 100 fires ahead of the 10-year average for early May. 
Although some parts of the country are flooding, much of the forested area remains dry, said Carr. 
"It's pretty dry across that whole stretch, right from British Columbia to western Ontario."
Burn baby, burn. 


Anonymous said...

Let's hope the universe hits the target this year and burns Mordor off the face of the Earth. Let the piddly 100k workers in the abominable industry get real jobs. Let the plutocrats and oligarchs earn real sustainable wealth. Burn baby burn!

BTW, why does Alberta need Trans Mountain pipeline when Trump approved Keystone XL? How much filth are they planning on extracting? All 4.7 trillion barrels? GTFO!

Northern PoV said...

According to Lovelock, the earth (or Gaia as he called it) will regulate various climate factors to maintain a stable climate.

When it can no longer stabilize, it shifts rapidly to a new phase (colder or hoter) and then achieves stability again within the new range.


The Mound of Sound said...

@ Anon, they want to move as much of it as possible just as quickly as possible. They're terrified of high-carbon bitumen becoming a "stranded asset." Hence the desperation to get this stuff out of the ground and into some ship's hold before the sky falls down.

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes, that's part of Lovelock's Gaia hypothesis, NPoV. It must have been a decade ago that I decided to take a course in environmental geology at Vancouver Island U. I had to be interviewed by the professor who wanted to know why I was interested in his course. I mentioned Lovelock. The prof said at first the Gaia business was greeted with a measure of skepticism but with time the consensus turned and it was accepted as largely true.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Jagmeet Singh is finally growing a pair:

Liberals are giving Texas oil company #KinderMorgan a blank cheque while dumping all the risks on Canadians

Rigged process, First Nations & local communities shut out, oil spill threats, science ignored & now billions on the line

It's clear this pipeline should not be built.

Notley is not NDP. Alberta is a wasteland. Let the neocons have it. Perfect fit.

Trailblazer said...

@ Mound.
. They're terrified of high-carbon bitumen becoming a "stranded asset."

I think it's simpler than that.
Someone stands to gain or lose a lot of money on this ,Trans Mountain project,there is way too much fury at those that wish to stop the project than is reasonable.
I suspect that Canada Pensions who were approached by Trans Canada Pipe dream could have bought into the scam!!
On matters of State I often start with , who benefits??
It will not be the taxpayer..