Monday, February 10, 2014

Yeah, It's Despotic. Ask the Council of Canadians

As usual, count on The Council of Canadians to call out the Harper government while the opposition cowers in corners.


deb Scott said...

Yes thanks to council of canadians, a very worthy organization. I am a monthly donor and will remain so. they are way more important to democracy than any of the so-called political leaders.
I just cannot fathom how Harper and his cronies are soo bold as to introduce this fair elections act...even the name is ridiculous. This govt is the most audacious that I can ever remember. Harper is going to be remembered as the most corrupt PM ever.

The Mound of Sound said...

You and me both, Deb. I support the Council because I find them far more relevant and coherent than the Libs or NDP.

Richard said...

Time to riot yet?

The Mound of Sound said...

On a serious note, Richard, I think it may be time for progressives to dwell on options for civil disobedience. Ordinarily that entails breaking laws but, when you've got a government so thoroughly offside with our enshrined rights and freedoms, civil disobedience may be possible simply by exercising our laws, our rights, our freedoms in defiance against an outlaw regime. I'm tossing that around to try to come up with ideas.

Any suggestions?

Richard said...

Something I was suggesting back when the robocall fraud was just getting rolling was a strike of parliament by the opposition parties. Detailed here:

I had believed the window for such action had closed but with the new enshrined fair election fraud act this window may now have opened again.

The premise is basically that the people should demand that until A) The election fraud is fully investigated and charges are laid (and not against Michael Sona, and obvious scapegoat) and B) the fair election fraud act is repealed the opposition parties refuse to play the game of parliament, instead taking their fight to the media, rallys, and campaigns. If the supporters of the opposition parties could overwhelmingly show they support this action that they publicly declare that with a political and election system so corrupt and fraudulent that they are no longer willing to play politics then the conservatives would be forced into a position where they must halt everything they are doing while the fraud is investigated or continue with no oversight and ignore the crisis of our parliamentary democracy.

It sounds extreme, but personally this late in the game I don't think it's extreme enough. We are descending into tyranny, and by the time the gas chambers open for the "terrorists" and seeing paramilitary police is a daily occurrence it will be TOO LATE.

I wasn't joking, it is time to riot. The longer Canadians allow this charade to go on the more extreme the response will have to be. "Anti-terror" legislation and the surveillance state is being established preemptively for when this happens.

You, whoever is reading this comment, are the terrorist whose anger has not yet boiled to the top because you still believe you have savings, a pension, and a job. Maybe everything "seems" ok now but we're on a slippery slope, mark my words, and remember them when the time comes and you realize it's now too late for anything short of a full blown revolution.