Thursday, February 13, 2014

World Water Wrapup - The Crisis is Real and It's Here Now

Pick any corner of the globe today and you're bound to find drought conditions bordering on cataclysmic. has provided a useful wrap-up of some of the worst hit.


The Cantareira water system that supplies water to more than 10 million people in the Sao Paulo metro area is 75% empty. Analysts report the water may run dry in just 45 days. An abnormal high-pressure weather system over southeast Brazil is the main cause. In addition to putting million of citizens at risk, the shortage has prompted many companies to halt or move their production elsewhere.

Lake Urmia, the single largest lake in the Middle East, has dried up. Though the lake is technically protected by the Irania Department of Environment, severe draught has sucked up the massive salt-water body. Ships are rusting in the mud.
President Hassan Rouhani calls the condition a national security issue. He is promising to "bring the water back."


Residents of Bicholim and neighboring towns in west India can no longer get water from their faucets. Low water pressure from earlier this week has put the town in severe shortage.


Protests in Jordan have already erupted over the country's power cuts — a result of a massive water shortage. Now host to more than 600,000 Syrian refugees, the country is under even more resource pressure. Jordan's Prince Hasan recently warned that the lack of water in his country, as well as in the Middle East, could spark violent conflict.

An interesting development now occurring around the world in water-stressed areas is the struggles underway between farmers, the people and local fracking operations.  In a number of cases, it's the Fossil Fuelers who have the ear of local government.


Richard said...

Yep, our new normal is coming fast and hard. Hopefully everyone aware is prepared, if you're not it's never too late to start. emergency supplies for prolonged periods of power outages and water storage is a must.

The Mound of Sound said...

Hi Richard. As I said in another comment on the post about the demise of the Age of Reason, to me we're like a race on the beach, listening to the wail of the tsunami sirens, standing motionless with our backs to the sea.

Richard said...

The sound of the sirens is deafening.

Lorne said...

It is well past time for everyone to get very, very angry, Mound. But how do we light the fuse?

deb said...

the problem is the average citizen is being told their world is coming to an end and they are supposedly powerless to stop it. The reality is, with full on protest...all people in our nation or in the states would be required to storm their politicians office or the legislative buildings. IF everyone stopped working for one week, and did this...united front. It just might have an impact, but I doubt it.
the states and canada would start to use military force against their citizens.
so the average person works their job, goes home to feed their kids and if they are lucky get some "me time" to do their laundry and then start the whole process again, on the next day./
folks dont know yet what the worst case is, and right now its not bad enough to stop them from their daily lives.( at least not in canada) people in new orleans and new jersey might be a bit more on edge:(

The Mound of Sound said...

Hi Deb. I consolidated my thoughts on these things in the post I wrote today.

deb said...

I just caught that now, looks awesome. I have to digest your thoughts, I know that I feel the same level of frustration. We read the news, we see the portents looming. but to change this pattern. process and programming!
Its heartening to read the likeminded and realize many folks want to change for the better and want to start dealing with the issues. time for inaction/talk is done.
bill mckibbons, chris hedges. alot of folks are moving foward...along with alot of grassroots progress on the gulfislands/ and other small communities worldwide