Friday, February 21, 2014

So That's What Crawled Up Harper's Ass and Died

The Tories have been quick to jump all over retired General Andrew Leslie's retirement relocation expenses.

I'll bet they wouldn't have said a word if only he'd accepted their overtures to join Team Harper when his soldiering days were over.  According to Leslie, the Cons came courting but he turned them down.

In a speech full of irony and sly asides, retired lieutenant general Andrew Leslie said he talked with "other political parties" when he left the Canadian Army, and in the end chose to become a Liberal.

"One of the other parties didn't take to this too well," he told his audience at the Liberal convention in Montreal.

Leslie explained that he told that party, "It wasn't you, it was me.

"But after this last week, let's be honest, it was really them," he said, referring doubtlessly to Defence Minister Rob Nicholson's comment that Leslie's moving expenses were "grossly excessive," and that he would be conducting a review.

I guess it's true, hell hath no fury like a Harper scorned.


deb said...

wow, good for Leslie for speaking out. Harper just gets more screwy at time goes on. He needs an inhouse psychiatrist for his next righthand man.

Elliott Taylor said...

With the sponsorship scandal all but forgotten by Canadians and Junior Trudeau pretty much clean as a bean, Harpo seems to be attempting to manufacture a little faux outrage anywhere and everywhere he can.

What's next, blurry Photoshops of Mulcair attending caucus in a cocktail dress? Not that there's anything wrong with that.

$cientology has a policy of harassing its enemies by conducting what they call a noisy investigation. L Ron Hubbard wrote about it back in the 1960's as directive to his organization on how to handle enemies. There doesn't have to be any actual wrongdoing, they just want to make noise and raise a little dust in order to create the illusion that there might be some. That is often all it takes for rumor and misinformation to take hold.

Harpo taking a page from $cientology's red volumes, who'da thunk it?

the salamander said...

.. looking for Canadian Values, courage, intellect, veracity, responsibility, or common sense from an emotionally disturbed pack of Harper Party greasy twits.. is a giant stretch .. There are ZERO intellectual or sentient exemplars in that ethical vacuum, Harper calls his own ..

bcwaterboy said...

Harper, and by the various octopus-like brain extensions that surround him, very hastily cast aside anyone who would remotely make them look bad. By not taking a seat on the bus that has the defect of leaving tire treads on your face, Leslie placed himself in the firing line of the next smear campaign. Despite having been told to f-off, the next move could be one of the those brought-to-you-by-the-government-of-canada strong economy commercials.

Anonymous said...

And all this time I thought it was a gerbil.

Owen Gray said...

Imagine being turned down by Leslie. For the Harperites, it wasn't a choice. It was a betrayal.

The Mound of Sound said...

Now, according to Coyne, an e-mail has surfaced suggesting that the overture was Leslie's doing, not the Tories. Who knows?