Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bully Boy Bibi Plays the Anti-Semite Card, Again.

If you support the anti-Israel boycott you're an anti-Semite, plain and simple.  That's doubly true if you're European.  So says Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, has invoked Europe’s fascist past to attack the growing calls for a boycott of the Jewish state, comparing it with embargoes imposed on Jewish businesses by the Nazis and other anti-Semitic groups.

“The most disgraceful thing is to have people on the soil of Europe talking about the boycott of Jews,” he told a conference of leading Jewish businessmen in Jerusalem.

“I think that’s an outrage. In the past, anti-Semites boycotted Jewish businesses, and today they call for the boycott of the Jewish state and, by the way, only the Jewish state.”

Mr. Netanyahu’s fiercest broadside yet against the boycott movement followed several meetings among senior government figures over how to tackle what Israel sees as a looming threat of economic isolation.

This anti-Semite smear is getting a little tired, shopworn.  Netanyahu likes to cast it as a "boycott of Jews" because he'd rather ignore the fact that it's a boycott of Israel over that state's government's policies and treatment of the people whose homeland Israel has occupied for the better part of half a century.

Bibi - up yours.


crf said...

It's just weird how so-called conservatives like Netanyahu or Harper can't logically argue their political positions. They resort to taunts and fallacies from the get go. If I were an Israeli citizen, I'd be embarrassed by this chump.

(I don't support any boycott (not that my opinion ought to matter much).)

e.a.f. said...

bibi doesn't have much to offer in the way of economic policy so its best to blame the europeans.
Bibi did not come to office with a majority, he cobbled it together. Its time for Bibi to find another job. Many Israeli citizens don't support bibi's policies, nor do Jews who live in other countries.

Owen Gray said...

One can only assume that -- taken to it's logical conclusion -- Netanyahu holds that, if you don't support him, you're not a Jew.

Anonymous said...

" the boycott of Jews,”

There is a good deal of history behind that condensed statement, and like so many things concerning the history of Israel, there are numerous differing accounts. Same historical events, just different versions of what actually happened.

I have no idea who cast the first stone, I wasn't there, but both sides do at least seem to agree on this part,

"At the emergency meeting, the AJCongress announced its intention to hold a Madison Square Garden rally on March 27th. J. George Fredman, Commander-in-Chief of the Jewish War Veterans, called for an American boycott of German imports."

That quote comes from the Jewish Virtual Library which I have found can always be relied on to represent one side of the story and include what absolutely cannot be denied. There's lot's more info out there, and apparently the movement had International roots and was not restricted to the US, but this isn't 1933 and it isn't 15 years after the end of the War to end all Wars. There are no concentration camps, and the BDS isn't a 2nd Kristallnacht (1938).

Lorne said...

This adumbration of Netanyahu's disgraceful scapegoating explains much, not only about him, Mound, but also the deep affinity he and Harper share. Birds of a feather... which also explains the Israeli bird sanctuary named after our Prime Minister recently.

The Mound of Sound said...

Well, Anon 7:43, there are some who consider Gaza to be one, giant concentration camp and the West Bank to be plagued with something akin to lebensraum.

It may seem that outsiders judge Israel harshly but this crap has been going on for the better part of half a century and we judge Israel harshly because it's supposed to be 'one of us.' It's not Syria, it's not the Congo, it's not North Korea. It's supposed to be and claims to be of our western family. We hold our family to a higher standard and it's right that we should.

Israel has, for decades, used its unquestioned right to defend itself (with a great deal of western help) as a smokescreen to duck meaningful action to defuse the Palestinian problem.

A boycott is the appropriate response to Israel's intransigence and the fact that Netanyahu's response is to play the anti-Semite card speaks for itself and it speaks volumes.

LeDaro said...

Nut-yahoo is a jackass. He is indeed working on the guilt of west. Hitler caused the holocaust and out of guilt Europe created Israel on the Palestinian land. At least there were agreed upon boundaries. Since 1948 Israelis have taken over more Palestinian land, Lebanese and Syrian land.

The treatment of Palestinians by Israel is criminal. Archbishop Desmond Tutu called Gaza worse apartheid than the one existed in South Africa.

A prominent British Jewish MP has called Israel's treatment of Palestinian like Nazis. This MP calls himself Zionist Jew and otherwise is a staunch supporter of Israel as long as it stays within its legal boundaries of 1948.

Nut-Yahoo knows the guilt of the west and he is working on it.

There're two nations in the world who are a great threat to the world peace and they're Israel and North Korea.

Anonymous said...

"That quote comes from the Jewish Virtual Library which I have found can always be relied on to represent one side of the story and include what absolutely cannot be denied."

Anything they can deny or twist however, is fair game.

My point was Netanyahu is very selective in his criticism. Independent journalists in the Middle East say he doesn't have the courage to do what is needed and fears the settler movement, the hawks in his coalition and doesn't have any inclination to take on dismantling the purposely structured systemic abuse of the Palestinians.

I think most people in the Western World just want an end to the aggression, expansionism, Imperialism and the consequences before the think tanks, many of them US think tanks and lobbyists churn out more extreme aggression, that Western Gov'ts and citizens pay for. More Veterans to cheat.

Israel and the Zionist project isn't the responsibility of joe and jane Canuck, and Beelzebub as you call Harper should stay out of it. But he's after the bucks and hopes that will lead to another 4 years of incremental moves toward quasi totalitarianism.

Sometimes I feel very small when trying to assess and discuss this topic, then I look at what supposed leaders do and have done, and I don't feel that way as much as I did before.