Saturday, February 15, 2014

Press Freedom 2014

We're still okay, for now, but the Reporters Without Borders press freedom index, 2014, shows how little of the world still has a nominally free press.   Canada is ranked 18th behind 16-Euro states and, surprisingly, Jamaica in 17th place.

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Purple library guy said...

Reporters Without Borders itself is an outfit you have to watch out for. Riding on the rhetorical coattails of Doctors Without Borders, they are in fact a very different beast with significant ties to the NED, the US State Department cutout that spends its time undermining and propagandizing against administrations the United States government doesn't like. I would not trust a map they put out.

Meanwhile, well put on the "nominally". You can of course have a perfectly "nominally free press", and if all the press outlets belong to a cartel of like-thinking corporations you can predict pretty easily what editorial lines will and will not be allowed/promoted.