Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Do You Want to Peer Into Your Own Mortality?

We all get there - unless we don't.  By "there" I mean that particular age where friends, loved ones and acquaintances begin to drop off so much faster than they did just ten or twenty years ago.  It seems to come on suddenly, like a cascade.  Maybe that's just perception, you don't notice it or try not to notice until you do, until you can no longer ignore it.  Either way it comes as a real kick in the pants and gets you thinking about your own mortality.

According to a survey in The Guardian, we can now peer into our own mortality.  Finnish researchers have released a testing protocol, a "death test", to assess your chances of pegging out, departing this mortal coil, joining the choir invisible over the next five years.  It involves analyzing an individual's blood sample for a variety of mortality markers.  The Finns aren't morbidly motivated.  They hope that taking the test will encourage people to give up unhealthy habits.

So, punk, do you feel lucky?  Do you?

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