Sunday, February 16, 2014

No, This Isn't Anything Except Depressing

Canned news.  In the era of concentrated media ownership and gutted newsrooms, a lot of what we're getting as information is actually being fed to news organizations via press releases, sometimes including video.   If you need proof, here's one of many, many examples:


Steve said...

Its all that and more, did anyone see the 60 min expose on the greatest fighter ever, the F35

The Mound of Sound said...

Yeah, I watched it Steve. Not particularly impressive, the sort of flaccid stuff 60 Minutes has been producing lately. They took old criticisms, slo-pitched them, and let the government side hit them out of the park.

They ignored hard facts. No one mentioned the F-35 was designed to operate with F-22 fighter cover but Obama cancelled the F-22 with just 170 of a planned 800 built. No mention that the '35 was designed to defeat 4th generation fighters and ground defences, not the technology that has been developed by the Chinese and Russians today. No mention that, being a stealth light bomber, the 35's stealth is frontal aspect only - what you need for a straight-in bombing run - with no stealth masking from any of the other five sides. They did touch on how the 35 can't fly nearly as well as existing fighters - but left out that it lacks the Holy Grail of contemporary warplanes, supercruise.

No, it was what's become the new standard 60-Minutes. Pretend to be hard-hitting but deliver blowjobs.