Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Blast From the Past, London - Then & Now

I was lucky enough to live in London in the 60s before the tsunami of Arab money hit the place and transformed it forever.  The London I got to know hadn't changed all that much since the war.  In my Georgian/Edwardian row house there was no central heat.  There wasn't even an indoor loo and if I wanted to know what the weather was like when I awoke I could look through a crack in the wall.  Yet, despite the absence of so many North American mod-cons, there was an amazing atmosphere to the place.

The BBC has published a fascinating series of photos, "London, Then and Now", that capture how the place has changed.   Here are the three that I like best.

Gloucester Rd. Tube Station

Tower Bridge

Covent Garden Tube Station


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