Thursday, February 13, 2014

Canada Should Stall on Climate Change Deal - Jim Prentice

Former Harper cabinet minister, now CIBC veep, Jim Prentice thinks Canada should postpone negotiating a continental pact on climate change until after Barack Obama has left the White House.

Prentice, who is mentioned as a possible successor to the Prince of Darkness, obviously hopes the next American president may be even more carbon-friendly than the current office holder.

Our opportunity to engage the U.S. will come,” said Prentice, who was a senior cabinet minister in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government until 2010. “When it does, we need to be ready. We need to work with the Americans to achieve an accord relating to climate change and the oil sands.”

With Canada's overall greenhouse gas emissions set to surge rather than fall by 2030, as recently admitted by the Harper government, Canada needs a decidedly carbon-friendly occupant in the White House to protect the Tar Sands.   And, as Prentice said, we're looking for an accord "relating to climate change and the oil sands."


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Cons are expecting Obama to kibosh Keystone and they are only hoping to outlast Obama.

However, Obama will be there until 2016 but Harper could likely be out in 2015. And then there's the possibility of another Dem. President (Hillary?) and a Senate still in Dem. hands. And of course a U.S. brimming with gas and oil over the next few years.

Prentice had his chance to influence Harper on the environmental file. My impression was that he did not achieve much and in fact assisted Harper destroy whatever checks and balances had existed before.

He should stay where he is as he will likely do less damage there to Canada (except perhaps to the shareholders). Lol

the salamander said...

.. we have a never employed economist pretending he's Canada.. driving our environment off a cliff and now we also have a banker.. giving us his scientific views on critical environmental issues...

Giant egos .. tiny chimp brains .. its always about money, profit and corporations with these pompous ideagogues