Saturday, February 22, 2014

Rex Murphy's Best Friend and Staunchest Defender - Why That'd be Rex Murphy

Wherein Rex assures us all, soiled linens aside, he has not been sleeping with Big Oil and, indeed, always says what's on his mind, unfettered though that may be by facts.

Rex, what's that line about "thou doth protest too much, methinks"? 


Purple library guy said...

So he doesn't deny it was paid, which presumably means it was. And he doesn't mention all the other oil gigs, just the one, which means he's spinning. "No way was I influenced by that one gig among so many gigs with infinite different constituencies" sounds way better than "No way was I influenced by that whole shitload of highly lucrative gigs".

A key sentence for me was "If my thoughts are not my own, they are nothing."

Yeah, Rex, I've also often gotten the impression that your thoughts are nothing.

The Mound of Sound said...

It was an interesting self-defence that suggests old T-Rex can feel the asteroid coming.

deb said...

he is unapologetic, as usual. basically saying I do and say as I please, and get paid for it, not despite his style but because of it. Whatever I dislike this man intensely and wish he would finally keel with poisonous bile actually physically spilling fromhis mouth instead of the usual metaphorical kind.

Lorne said...

This is always the case with the right-wing, Mound, They make themselves out as victim and then excoriate their critics. I hope the CBC ombudsman is inundated with complaints.