Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's Not the Senate, But Close

Disgraced, ex-Tory senator Patrick Brazeau has found work apparently almost in the shadow of Parliament Hill.  Brazeau is the new day manager at the Bare Fax Gentlemen's Club.

A visitor from Lanham, U.S.A. left this review on Yelp:

Coming from the US for a business trip in Ottawa. I have to say Barefax is the best strip club I've been to. All of my previous experience has been in the US. The girls are  a lot more friendly, not pushy at all. They're more beautiful as well. The only place in the US that has equivalent quality of girls is Vegas. What's more, you're free to touch.
Oh dear.  Then again, I'll bet Brazeau isn't the first senator to grace this establishment.

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