Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Harper's Problem, Living Up to Our Expectations of Him. He's Succeeding. That's His Problem.

The Canadian people have finally forged a clear mindset of Stephen Harper and, sadly for the prime minister, he's living up to our expectations.

Harper's former campaign manager and BFF, Tom Flanagan, says the public have finally clued in to Harper's devious ways and it's making it tough for Beelzebub to slime Justin Trudeau.

“It’s difficult to attack somebody who is held in higher esteem than you are. Often, the attacks just fall harmlessly.”
Flanagan said Harper’s sagging reputation with voters is due, in part, to his own actions — including how he has handled “in a secretive way” the recent Senate spending scandal.

“It just reinforced this image that he was interested only in control and engaged in ruthless tactics. It was so damaging because it fit in with an image that was already there.”


Owen Gray said...

Whatever one thinks of Flanagan, it's clear he has Harper pegged, Mound.

The Mound of Sound said...

He has been candid and accurate in his assessments of Harper before, Owen.

Flanagan has discussed Harper's preferred tactic of 'incrementalism' - getting his goal unnoticed by using many small steps that, individually, go unnoticed. He has commented on Harper's rejection of 'vision' in governance. He has actually told us quite a bit about what makes this prime minister tick.

the salamander said...

.. looking back, Canadians will see Harper and Flanagan as one of the most unfortunate and destructive political combinations in our history ..

.. and the toxic cloud of shallow political caricatures that surround and enable them.. are certainly earning their place in infamy