Wednesday, February 05, 2014

CN Rail Strike Looms. Harper Recoils Impulsively.

There's nothing, absolutely nothing that Stephen Harper abhors more than a little workplace democracy.  When it comes to workers choosing to exercise their rights to democratic collective bargaining which, let's face it, includes the right to strike, Harper will have none of it.

CN Rail has received a 72-hour strike notice from the Teamsters' Union.   Harper sock puppet and labour min, Kellie Lietch responded that Beelzebub is predictably 'concerned by the impact a possible strike will have on the Canadian economy."

Yes, Kellie, the right to strike is meaningless unless it carries an economic impact.  That is part of democracy and at times it can be a little chaotic and cause a little dislocation but that's the price of  having organized labour capable of collective bargaining.

So, Kellie, please - stop being such a fascist douchebag.


Lorne said...

“A strike will undermine our economic recovery. Our position is clear. Our economy must be protected. Our products must reach market, and jobs must be preserved,” Leitch said, adding the government was readying legislation “to make sure CN stays on track.”

In addition to the odium she deserves for reference to a non-existent economic recovery, Leitch should be pilloried for her attempt at a pun, Mound.

The Mound of Sound said...

At some point, Lorne, labour is going to have to stand up for itself, say "enough" and stage a general strike.

It's bad enough that Harper does this to every federal union at every turn but I don't see the Liberals much less the New Dems stand up for labour and collective bargaining. Knock those down and you've caused enormous damage to our hopes of rebuilding a middle class.

Elliott Taylor said...

The unfair labour practice known as back to work legislation seems to have done the trick for the jack boot bullies in Ottawa. In the face of certain oppression, the union and the railroad have reached a tentative agreement. Our hard-fought collective bargaining rights are eroded a little bit more.

It is time for a general strike by ALL workers. The oligarchs have no defense when everyone lays down their tools.

LeDaro said...

Harper's agenda is corporations first and their well-beings. Damn unions hurt corporations who create jobs. Crude oil needs to be transported. It will cause problems for the Tar Sands. Tar Sands which will bring prosperity for Canadians. What you want him to do? ;)

The Mound of Sound said...

@ Elliott - Harper is the modern equivalent to the bosses of a century ago who responded with thugs armed with bats, billy clubs and shotguns. Then again, if labour ever did stand up to our imperial prime minister, he might just regress.

@ LD - I want him confined for 20-years to a floating cell anchored smack in the middle of a Tar Sands tailing pond.

LeDaro said...

Mound, right on. Indeed the best accommodation for him. He will be with his beloved one.;)

Purple library guy said...

Yes, it is time for a general strike. Unfortunately, most workers aren't unionized. And even a lot of the union ones are basically in a state of quiet despair. They just hope things don't get too much worse before they retire.

Anonymous said...

Union leadership must instill the importance of collective action and have the gonads to tackle this head on with a loud and enduring voice - if necessary by joining others in the progressive movement. Retired union members are watching and will be supportive of extensive reactionary involvement.

Cindy Dy said...

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