Saturday, February 08, 2014

Soggy Old England

It's not just the south coast any more.  Flood alerts and warnings now extend across the south coast, including all of Wales,  and northward as far as Blackpool, Sheffield and East Anglia. 

The link above leads to a graphic where those in the bottom half of England can check out their local conditions.  From BBC News:

The system, developed by Shrewsbury-based firm Shoothill, uses data from the Environment Agency's nationwide network of monitoring stations.
Users can zoom in on any point of a map of England and Wales to see flood alert and flood warning statuses, as issued by the EA within the previous 15 minutes.

Custom searches can also be carried out by postcode.

Shoothill managing director Rod Plummer said: "We are expecting a crazy amount of rain today and in the coming days and the evidence of similar incidences in previous weeks tells us that floods are hitting places that haven't seen such a thing for decades, sometimes with devastating and even tragic consequences.

"Lots of people have reason to be concerned, given the weather forecasts. Those alerts could be to monitor the area around their homes, or perhaps their routes to and from work or their children's schools.

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