Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Das Auto is Awesome.

The rednecks in the state government did everything underhanded they could to keep Tennessee Volkswagen workers from going union.  It was a move that pitted the company against, not its workers, but the government.  Volkswagen had to come out and dispel the lies, announcing that it welcomed a union but it was too late and the workforce was sufficiently intimidated/discouraged that it voted the union down.

In the wake of concerted federal, state and local anti-union interference, Volkswagen's labour council announced that, if the company did build any more American plants, they wouldn't be in the anti-union South.

According to the United Auto Workers, Volkswagen has decided of its own accord to recognize the union in its Tennessee plant.  The UAW says the announcement is expected this week.  That should send a Star Spangled rocket up those redneck asses.

The Right was so strenuously opposed to VW workers going union out of fear that it might spread of other workers in other companies in the low-wage slave states.


Toby said...

The anti-union movement which is so prevalent these days must be getting a lot of support from workers who are getting short changed by anti-union employers. Am I missing something?

Steve said...

this is the beauty of not having the US absolutely control the world.

The Mound of Sound said...

What you're "missing" Toby is the 'anything for a steady job' mentality that prevails among the blue collar class in the South. See Thompson's book "Better Off Without'Em."

@ Steve - it does restoreth the soul, doesn't it?