Friday, November 07, 2014

Pentagon Outs Harper. Says Canada to Buy the F-35 in 2017.

Does this Plane Make My Ass Look Fat?

According to the Pentagon, Ottawa has sent signals indicating Canada will take delivery of its first F-35, light nuclear attack bombers, in 2016 or 2017.

The Harper government, true to its standard operation procedures - secrecy and deceit - says no decision has been made.  That crap runs straight out of the mouth of Stephen Joseph Harper and, honestly, there's no stopping it.

A leaked U.S. Department of Defence slide presentation shows Canada has asked to swap places with the U.S. air force and place the order in the current fiscal year, which means a possible delivery date of either 2016 or 2017.

The briefing by U.S. Lt.-Gen. Chris Bogdan — head of the F-35 program at the Pentagon — also said Canada would have to provide a letter of intent by mid-November and that the U.S. project office would have to notify Congress.

Of course we're going to buy the F-35, barring a change of government and a new administration with an as yet unseen spine.  No matter that the US military has now realized that the F-35 "will not be able to operate effectively or efficiently" in the face of new technology and doctrine already implemented by the warplane's intended adversaries, China and Russia. 


rumleyfips said...

Somebody's post political job must depend on this. Harper,feeling uneasy about the election is making sure the sale goes through while he still has the power.

Hopefully, the inadequacies of the little glider will allow the cancellation of the order under saner management.

Steve said...

Just saw that. I am thinking we should buy a high speed train and a real fighter for the saame price or less.

Steve said...

@rumleyfips, more like a lead sled than a glider.

Beijing York said...

A lead sled might do serious damage to an ISIS dump truck, Steve.

On a serious note, we need Harper out before this deal goes through. I think it's probably third on dear leaders wish list, after Northern Gateway and Keystone pipelines.

Unknown said...

Harper desperately wants to play with the big boys. That is the U.S. and it lackey Britain. When the U.S. and Britain anounces on the world stage that their going to invade this country and bomb that country, he wants to be standing there beside them. Why else would he ask the pentagon what more he can do in helping with ISIS? He probably thinks, maybe if I buy the
F-35's they'll take me more seriously. I find it interesting though that the pentagon has outed him twice.

The Mound of Sound said...

I wonder what Pentagon insiders make of our Dark Prince? Not much, judging by their actions.