Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Fair and Balanced? Of Course, It's Israel!

Let's keep this in perspective.  That takes us back to 2010 when an Israeli court acquitted an army captain of all charges related to his slaughter of a 13-year old Palestinian school girl.  It's too obscene to recite.  You can follow the link to get the details.

So consider, in the context of that atrocity, a new Israeli law intended to crack down on Palestinian kids who are in the habit of throwing stones at Israeli forces and settlers.

There would be two major sentences for stone throwers - those who endanger the safety of someone inside a vehicle could be jailed for 10-years without proof there was intention to harm; those throwing stones at people could be sentenced to 20-years in prison without the need to prove they intended to cause serious bodily harm.

I suppose it all makes sense in the fascist state of Israel or in the inner sanctum of Canada's Conservative and Liberal leadership.


Anonymous said...

Yup, this is the Israel that Steve and Trudeau Jnr. support.

Even more outrageous than the length of jail-time (which is disproportional to the severity of the offence) is the lack of need to prove intent.

But then again, it is still not as outrageous as killing 450 children, including babies, some of them in their sleep and calling it self defence.

Anonymous said...

The dead children of Palestine were, merely collateral damage. Were the Jewish children with tattoos on their arms, merely collateral damage too?

Wasn't Harper a hero? He refused Palestinian children, to be brought to Canada, to be treated for their horrific war wounds.

Harper and Israel, are no better than Hitler. Decent Canadians, do not behave with such cruelties. Palestine's children should have been treated in Canada. That used to be, our Canadian way.