Sunday, November 23, 2014

Okay you Liberal Bastards, What Now?

Trudeau the Lesser's Liberals did backflips to support Israel's brutal outrage against Gaza's civilian population this summer.  It was as though no one had ever heard the Israeli military's term, Dahiyeh.  Of course you didn't need any fancy terms to see that Israel was brutally - and quite illegally - targeting Gaza's Palestinian population completely in flagrant violation of human rights laws and the laws of war.  That much is obvious when the side with strike jets takes down the public's water and sewage plants and then moves on to hit schools and hospitals, even clearly designated UN refuge sites.  I was never so disgusted with the Liberal Party, not even under Ignatieff.

The Dippers worked off the same page until Mulcair woke up and realized he was bound to piss off some old school progressives in the NDP ranks.  Then he hemmed and hawed and - waffled.

Well now your boy - and he is your boy - Benny Netanyahu has let his other fascist shoe drop.  This time it's not Palestinians under Israeli occupation but Arab and Christian Israelis who are Netanyahu's target.  The Israeli prime minister and his cabinet by a 2-1 margin have passed a bill that defines Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people.

Critics, including cabinet opponents, say the new law reserved "national rights" for Jews only and also delisted Arabic as Israel's second official language.

So Justin - and Tommy - now you're backing a country that's both fascist and racist.  Is there any principle you won't compromise in your bootlicking pursuit of votes?


Anonymous said...

"Well now your boy - and he is your boy - Benny Netanyahu has let his other fascist shoe drop."

I thought Benny was Steve Harper's boy? Or vice-versa. Anywho, somebody will be jealous.

Why direct your vitriol at the Liberals and NDP when it is the Harperites who have pledged unquestioning loyalty to all things Israeli? It is curious in a 'the dog that did not bark' kind of way.

The Mound of Sound said...

I don't expect anything better of Harper, Anon. I do, or at least did, expect much better of the Liberals and NDP and they groveled instead. My vote was never Harper's to lose. After more than 40-years as a Liberal supporter I had to leave. In going I felt like I was scraping barnyard shit off the bottom of my boot.

Gyor said...

I'll point out that Mulcair write an article, I don't remember for who, criticising Isreal.

Anonymous said...

This is no different that the "Liberal Party" attitude to the Torture question.

Instead of leading from a position of Integrity, they lead from a position of following the pollsters. When people wake up, there is a realization as evidenced by the Blog post that there is NOTHING to differentiate the three main parties in this area.

BL (All Justin had to do to get my support was to announce "Canada under the Liberals renounces torture as a policy and will honour its prior treaty commitments in this regard")

Lorne said...

Let us hope, Mound, that both Trudeau and Mulcair have access to good chiropractors.

rumleyfips said...

Harper has voted to allow the political use of Nazi symbolism and holocaust denial at the UN.

Scratch a reformer eh?

WILLY said...

Hey MoS

Someone is babbling about you being dissatisfied with the people in authority of the Liberal party and that you are no longer willing to support them.

I thought that was what the Disaffected part of your blog title meant.

But hey I get lost in the details.



The Mound of Sound said...

Oh hell, Willy, I'm from British Columbia. I'm well versed in Liberal politics entirely removed from anything resembling liberalism.

Today's Liberals need to understand that they earned their way from Sussex Drive to Stornoway to Motel 6 out on the Gloucester highway liberating themselves of principle and integrity with each successive move.