Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cause for Concern? Has McCain Lost It?

Okay, so Hillary just makes it up as she goes along. Not so for John McCain. That's why his stumble when he linked the fundamentalist Sunni, al-Qaeda in Iraq with the fundamentalist Shia government of Iran seemed so perplexing.

So just what happened? It sounds as though the Republican presidential candidate can't tell a Sunni from Shiite and yet I find that hard to believe. McCain is probably neck and neck with Murtha for the Politician Most Invested in Iraq prize.

What really got me thinking was when I heard an American journalist ponder whether McCain had simply had a "senior moment." Life takes us all and it's a bitch. That said if Iraq is John McCain's Viagra, let's make damned sure he still has all his marbles. No "senior moments" for the Commander in Chief of the Free World, rien?

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