Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Bush Drops a Huge One Right Smack in the Middle of His Road Map

America's all-time Moron in Chief has just sent his Middle East peace initiative up in flames. His administration's own credibility is utterly gone and so is that of Fatah stooge Mahmoud Abbas.

Vanity Fair has dropped a bombshell - after Palestinian elections that led to victory for Hamas, Bush, Rice and deputy national security advisor Elliot Abrams backed an armed uprising under Fatah strongman Muhammad Dahlan that sparked a civil war in Gaza.
The Vanity Fair link keeps going down. You can also find the article here:

The report seems more than plausible and it'll be enough to turn the Palestinians against Abbas. If he gets out with his life, he'll be lucky. Abbas, with a well earned reputation for corruption, now stands exposed as an American operative to boot.

Bush has issued a blanket denial - as if he had any other choice - but the damage is done. There's no more room for pretending to be an honest broker. His turn at the Middle East Wheel of Fortune is over but the way it ended, mired in scandal, will be a fitting legacy for his entire administration.

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Anonymous said...

The official cover story on this business never did make much sense. A party that has just won an election doesn't stage a coup against the losers, it is the other way around.

The coalition of born again Christians and observant Jews who run the Bush administration seem to have a remarkable lack of respect for the ninth commandment.