Monday, March 31, 2008

Just When You'd Lost All Faith In The RCMP

Along comes the news - surprise, surprise - that utterly disgraced RCMP Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardeli intervened to slap Ralph Goodale's name right on a pivotal press release that may well have handed Stevie Harper a ticket to 24 Sussex Drive.

Now according to RCMP Complaints Commissioner/smokescreen Paul Kennedy, there was no evidence that Zaccardelli's intervention was politically motivated. Mr. Kennedy, of course, is the man least able to find evidence of anything untoward in any complaint against the RCMP.

I have found that Commissioner Zaccardelli made the final decision to issue the letter and news release, and he likely also provided the impetus and direction for the production of those documents. There is no evidence that Commissioner Zaccardelli relied on any improper considerations in coming to his decisions."

No evidence at all, none whatsoever. I mean, just because Zaccardelli plastered Goodale's name on the press release and then released it, by fax, not to the press but first to an opposition MP, that's not evidence of anything improper, is it?

Of course the most telling point of the Kennedy absolution is found in this line from the Globe & Mail:

"Mr. Kennedy said that Mr. Zaccardelli and several senior members of the RCMP policy centre, which was responsible for the conduct and communication of the income-trust investigation, refused to provide him with any information about the disclosure."

Oh, now I get it. There's no evidence of any wrongdoing because all those who would have any knowledge of it refused to talk to the guy who then blithely exonerated them.

After standing on his head to the delight of bystanders, Kennedy went on to do the splits, adding that the RCMP has no policy on notifying complainants when an investigation is initiated into a complaint. “Clearly if you have no policy you can't break policy,” he said.

There you go, classic Kennedy. What a waste of skin.

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