Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Schreiber/Mulroney Dog & Pony Show Proceeds

Having dodged a bullet at the Commons ethics committee, Brian Mulroney was praying that the public inquiry into his nefarious dealings with KH Schreiber might somehow be called off.

Sorry, dude, it's on. Justice min Nicholson says it's going ahead and, better yet, Schreiber gets to stay here until it's finished.

Jeebus I wonder what you have to do to get intervenor status at that thing?

The Commons ethics committee didn't get very far but it did expose a whole pile of raw nerves , issues that the inquiry is going to look completely rigged if it chooses to avoid. That, I think, would be more damaging to the Tories than if they had called the whole thing off.

Enquiring minds want to know. Now where's that guy, Hladun?


Anonymous said...

Schriber manipulated the Liberals and NDP to perfection. He is now free to remain in Canada, free to move about at will. He knows this will stretch into another year or so where he can avoid justice in Germany. Well done. Once again, the left has allowed a criminal to manipulate them and the system to his own benifit. You must be so proud. Oh - one more thing, you can guarantee there will be nothing new or of note during the inquiry because there never was anything worthwhile - this entire process was about Schriber staying in Canada - nothing more, nothing less.

The Mound of Sound said...

Okay Ron, whatever you say. Thanks for saying it anyway.