Friday, March 07, 2008

Your Morning Laugh

The best line of the day has to be this one from Chantal Hebert in the Toronto Star writing about Harper's blundering PMO:

One can only run a federal government on the
wits of apprentice sorcerers for so long.
As Hebert writes, first it was Sandra Buckler getting caught out claiming DND had kept Harper in the dark when it stopped transferring detainees in Afghanistan.
Next up was press secretary Dimitri Soudas getting mixed up in a dispute between DPW and a certain "politically active" Montreal landlord.
Now it's chief of staff Ian Brodie and the leak of embarrassing revelations about Obama's and Clinton's real positions on NAFTA.
Yes, yes, yes. Top that off with a slathering of Brian Mulroney and a heaping helping of the Chuck Cadman affair and SHarper seems to be getting in deeper every day.
Maybe, though, we ought to be grateful for all these scandals. With an opposition in disarray these embarrassments are probably going a long way to keep Harper out of majority territory.
Still, "apprentice sorcerers." that is a good one.

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