Sunday, March 24, 2013

Waging Class War is One Thing, Winning It Before the Other Side Knows About It is Everything

Bad news for working class America, white and blue collar - the class war they never really understood had been waged against them for the past three decades is over and they lost.

A team of researchers from the U.S. government and Brookings Institute pored over 350,000 tax returns from 1987 to 2009. The exercise led them to conclude that income inequality is not merely vast but, far worse, permanent.

"For total house-hold income, the large increase in inequality over our sample period was predominantly,though not entirely, permanent. For this broader income category, both the permanent and the transitory parts of the cross-sectional variance increased, but the permanent variance contributed the bulk of the increase in total." 

America's massive transfer of unearned wealth (the very thing those Tea Partiers are sure some socialist bastard is planning to spring on them the moment they drop their guard) has already happened while they were looking in the other direction, away from the sneak thieves.   The wealth they fear losing is already lost.   The future they fear will be denied is already foreclosed.   They have been manipulated, duped, bamboozled well enough and long enough not only to fix their fate but to seal it permanently and for generations to come.

That ugly flushing sound you hear is American democracy swirling down the drain, making way for the ascendant corporatist oligarchy, a term one of this blog's readers pointed out is now called "inverted totalitarianism."   You should follow the link and read the Wiki entry and then go on to the source material for, as America goes, too often does Canada follow.   Inverted totalitarianism is one of those systems that is rigid, authoritarian, and of course politically, economically and socially suppressive, the very thing that used to creep us out about the Nazis and Commies.  Welcome to the Precariat.   You're a member in good standing and they're already calling us "dangerous."

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