Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jeebus, He's the New Pope! You Can't Comp His Room?

Pope Frankie the Humble caught the media's attention when, after winning the biggest contest in Christendom, he went back to his hotel, collected his bags, and then checked out, stopping to pay the bill himself.


This guy's the Pope.   He's Pope Frankie the First.   He just became the biggest dog in town and you're not going to comp his room?

Okay, okay, sure, there are now two Popes so maybe the novelty factor has a bit of a scuff here and there.   But Frankie is the Primo Pope and would it really break your back to pick up his tab?

Just sayin'. 

And, Frankie, from now on it's ixnay on the usbay.   You got a PopeMobile now so public transit is out.

BTW, when I heard he was from Argentina, I had to wonder what Frankie was doing back in the days of the Junta.   The Catholic Church later apologized for backing the murderous regime.


Elliott Taylor said...

The star-maker machinery is already in high gear. By the first day of spring everyone will have forgotten all about old Cardinal Whats-his-burger.

The Mound of Sound said...

That's Joe "The Rat" Ratzinger and don't you ever forget it.

LeDaro said...

Oh my God, Mound. You called former Pope a ‘rat’. Blasphemy!! Watch for a lightning strike. ;)

My problem with Catholicism is that it is 95% rituals and 5% or less religion..