Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Wringing More Life Out of Canada's CF-18s

The Harper government has decided to upgrade Canada's aging fleet of CF-18s to buy a little time while it tries to sort out its blunder over the F-35.

Sources said the changes in the eligible options make it easier for manufacturers to propose a “mixed fleet” of upgraded CF-18s and other fighter jets, or a later delivery of new jets as the CF-18s fly beyond their planned phase-out.

The new proposal is the latest shift of position by the Harper government after last year’s highly critical report by Auditor-General on a planned sole-sourced purchase of 65 F-35 fighters.

It's now rumoured that Harper wants to duck the CF-18 replacement problem entirely until after the 2015 election.   That should ensure those CF-18s will be the backbone of Canada's air defences long after they were due to retire.

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Anonymous said...

No XL pipeline, no F35's?

Big oil has more sway than the arms Industry?

What a dilemma.