Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Iran Pipeline to Pakistan. Next stop, China?

Despite pressure from the United States, Pakistan has reached an agreement for the construction of a pipeline to import natural gas from Iran.

Perhaps not entirely coincidentally, the gas pipeline appears to be routed right past Gwadar, the Pakistani southern port, control of which has recently passed to China.

Just sayin'


LeDaro said...

I thought this project was started half a century ago.

Pakistan had close ties with China to balance India's dealings with former USSR.

Pakistan traditionally had good relations with Iran.

Good for all the parties involved.

The Mound of Sound said...

Not so good for the U.S. or for India. The Americans have been relying on India to contain China and India has been planning on using Afghanistan to contain Pakistan. Ergo Pakistan's support for the Taliban to thwart India in Afghanistan and China's support of the Iran-Pakistan-China nexus to contain India. Wheels spinning madly within wheels.

LeDaro said...

You're quite right, Mound. When I said, "Good for all the parties involved" I meant Iran, Pakistan and China.

Of course, America and India will be unhappy for the reasons you stated. Many 'wheels spinning madly within wheels' is very correct characterization.