Saturday, March 09, 2013

Preston Pouts Over Tory Perceived Weakness on Environment

Preston Manning, former Reform Party leader who now heads a Conservative Junior Achievement Academy/Komsomol to indoctrinate train and  churn out "right thinking" Conservative leaders criticized the Harper Cons today for their "perceived  weakness" on the environment.   Preston seemed remarkably blase to the party's actual failure on the environment or its anti-science foundation which might have something to do with its perceived weakness.

Manning went on to back Canada's sub-prime energy nightmare, the Tar Sands, which is about all you need to know about his own environmental bona fides

Manning stressed that the ability of the country to sustain its quality of life hinges, in part, on the strength of the energy sector.

Without a strong energy industry that is contributing to the national economy and pumping tax revenues into government coffers, funding for programs ranging from equalization to medicare could be jeopardized, he said.

At the same time, Manning emphasized that Canada needs to burnish its environmental reputation so that it has more credibility

Manning said that, for instance, the ability of the federal government to eliminate the deficit in a timely fashion is dependent on the growth of the Canadian economy.

“And right now the big worry on that is that it has been the energy sector, to a large extent, that has been the one horse that has been pulling the economic cart out of the slough,” said Manning, a former MP from Calgary.

“With that sector being weakened by this inability to move petroleum to export markets, it’s a big threat to the budget balancing plan.”

Am I the only one who finds a Manning Centre for Political Orthodoxy just a little creepy?


Anonymous said...

Parson Preston running a right wing propaganda centre which he named after himself? No, nothing creepy about that at all.

Dana said...

He gives me the creeps and has since he appeared on the scene all those years ago. He's like some zombiefied version of his old man. Who was creepy in the extreme.

It would have been better if his father had really died.

double nickel said...

I'm guessing he spent a lot of time in his locker while in high school.