Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Underestimating China

The Chinese keep taking the West by surprise with their technological advancement.   We're pretty sure a fair bit of their knowledge is purloined via the internet.   Some, probably, but not all.

And, speaking of the internet, it seems China is poised to rock the world with a "next generation" internet that is expected to be a world-beater.

Just as our conventional internet is nearing it's 4.3-billion full capacity, China is deploying a system that is supposedly 80,000 trillion trillion times larger.


kootcoot said...

Then Stevie's masters could censor 80,000 trillion trillion more stuff. Lotsa make work projects there!

kootcoot said...

correction ....trillion times more"

Anonymous said...

The 'new' Chinese network based on IPv6 has been around since the 1990s (and was designed by a Canadian). Most computing devices around the world are already IPv6 compliant, so it is merely a matter of implementing it. We just have to make the effort.

Anonymous said...

Oh my....North America is waking to China´s fast advancements....what a joke. Who is to blame for that? Anyone who has spent time in China as I have knows just how much North Americans have their head in the sand. Then again...the government of NA want it that wey.