Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shhh. Don't Tell Harper

With his authoritarian bent, this might just appeal to Sideshow Steve.   And, of course, when thinking of Ruler Harper who doesn't think of Albania?

Wired.com has a neat item about former Albanian strongman Enver Hoxa and his obsession with bunker-building.   During the Communist dictator's 40-year rule, he covered his country with 750,000 concrete bunkers.  That's one for every four Albanians.

Being concrete, they're still pretty much intact to this day.   The article has a gallery of 22-photos.   Here are a few.

Photos by David Galjaard from his book, Concresco.

Post-Communist Albania isn't much for bunker-building but they have erected a statue of George w. Bush.

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