Sunday, May 12, 2013

Canada Has Never Been Cooler. Never, Ever.

He's a fighter pilot, natch.

F-18 pilot, test pilot, astronaut extraordinaire.   With the country being run by Harper and his minions like Joe Oliver, Canada doesn't get much good press these days.   Chris Hadfield has gone a long way to erasing some of our newly-sullied image.

Vocals by some guy named Chris Hadfield.  Oh wait, that's right, the Fighter Pilot guy.

I'll be waiting for your safe landing tomorrow, Major er, Colonel Hadfield.  You make me proud to be Canadian.  

Neil, Neil who?  You, Hadfield, with your son Evan's guidance, have done more to reinvigorate public enthusiasm for space travel than anyone since Armstrong set foot on the moon.   That is a positively astonishing accomplishment.

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