Thursday, May 16, 2013

Of Bitumen and Pirates

The Harper government never ceases playing up the terrorist threat that Canada faces.   They're here, they're there, they're everywhere.

Supertankers heavily laden with bitumen.   How vulnerable are they to terrorism and just how do you protect them?

Vancouver's inner harbour might seem a terrorist's dream.  There are places where you could sink a tanker and block the harbour for who knows how long while the bitumen aboard wreaks havoc.

What if the bad guys just seized the bridge, commandeered the vessel and used it to attack the Lion's Gate or Second Narrow crossings?

Presumably we're going to need an alert force, ready response teams, helicopters and such, to safeguard both the Vancouver and the Kitimat tanker traffic.  On whose dime?

The closer you look at this fiasco in waiting the more it seems they're just winging it, saying what they think people want to hear, and crossing their fingers.

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kootcoot said...

The scariest fundamentalist extremist terrorists that Canadians should fear are the Harper Reformatories - but I realize you knew that! Their BC LIEberal farm team is pretty scary too!