Monday, May 13, 2013

How Will Harper Handle Hadfield?

There's nothing Steve Harper likes better than to bask in the glory of a celebrity.  He gets his nose so far up their bums that sometimes you wonder how they'll ever get away.

So, what's in store for Canada's latest global phenom, Chris Hadfield?

I think Colonel Hadfield presents more than a bit of a problem for Sideshow Steve and his government.

One thing that Chris Hadfield is known for world-wide is his utter reverence for planet earth and, especially, our atmosphere.   Look at the many high-def photographs he posted online and the comments that go with them.   Hadfield seemed like nothing so much as an orbiting endorsement for the Green Party.

Hadfield reveres our atmosphere, the same thin band of life-sustaining air that Stephen Harper and his bitumen-boosters are working so furiously to poison.   Hard to see the natural fit there.

And then there's the Canadian Space Agency that has taken a funding and management pistol-whipping from the Harper regime.  Not too sure that Steve wants to revisit that controversy either. 

There's sure to be the obligatory photo-op but it will be more than interesting to hear what Colonel Hadfield has to say about our planet and our environment.  I'm guessing he has plenty to say.


Dana said...

He may decline the photo op.

That would be my option.

Boris said...

They are such an incredible study in contrasts. Hadfield, former fighter pilot, astronaut, commander of spaceships, scientist, now appears to literally transcended the pettiness of nationalisms and politics. He who has watched the Earth turn and orbit a star, and do while covering David Bowie. There's simply no comparison.

And Harper, the small, bitter man heading a party of assorted bigots, misogynists, misanthropes, liars, thieves, and thugs. Always uncomfortable. They are on opposite poles of opposing planets.

Steve said...

He will worm him.

kootcoot said...
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Dana said...

If you go to Chris Hadfield's Facebook page you can send him a message.