Monday, May 20, 2013

When the Loudest Government Ever Falls Silent

Steve Harper's namesake nemesis, the Toronto Star's  Tim Harper, writes of a government known for its "in your face" bombast that has abruptly fallen silent.

...our governing party has collectively lost its voice.

The “accountability” government gave us the news that Pamela Wallin, the senator so loudly backed by Harper over alleged expense account abuses,had resigned from the Conservative caucus  by news release as the long weekend was beginning.

Then it pulled all its scheduled spokespersons off the Friday political talk shows.

The night before, Duffy announced his departure from the caucus, then had the RCMP remove inquiring reporters from the vicinity of his home.

Then Wright announced his resignation on a Sunday morning in the middle of the weekend, and a junior MP from Alberta, a loyal soldier named Michelle Rempel, became the face of the government on the Sunday political shows.

But Rempel spoke before Wright’s resignation. After his bombshell, no one from the government came forward to explain, apologize or defend.

Everybody, it seems, the whole lot of them have gone to ground.  They're not even trying to distract attention or change the subject.

Then again when you get a break from the frothy snarling of John Baird, the indignant pontificating of Jason Kenney or the slack-jawed scolding of Joe Oliver, it really is kind of nice.  Silence is Golden.

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