Friday, May 10, 2013

What Must Prince Charles Think of Canada's Prince of Darkness?

If there's one bunch of Canadians who adore the monarchy it has to be Conservatives.   That's why it was no end of fun to see the Royal next in line for the throne set fire to the coat tails of the climate change "forces of darkness" which has to include our own Steve Harper and his minions.

Hosting a two-day conference for forest scientists at St James's Palace in London, Prince Charles – who is taking over from the Queen at this year's meeting of the Commonwealth in Sri Lanka – savagely satirised those who stand in the way of swift action on the climate.

He characterised them as "the confirmed sceptics" and "the international association of corporate lobbyists". Faced with these forces of opposition, "science finds itself up the proverbial double blind gum tree", he said.

Prince Charles lambasted the skeptics and corporate lobbyists for turning the planet "into a dying patient."   Why, I think the Prince has aptly renamed the PMO.  It should now be known as the International Association of Corporate Lobbyists, Bitumen Peddlers and Climate Change Foot Draggers.  Perfect.


Owen Gray said...

When the monarchy turns against the monarchists, Mound, you would think the monarchists might take notice.

I don't, however, expect that they will.

The Mound of Sound said...

Look at the strained relationship between Margaret Thatcher and QEII. Conservatives happily uphold the institution and just as easily ignore it.

Anyong said...

Prince Charles has always spoken out about objectional land use, pestisides and has spoken out in favour for green engery.