Monday, May 27, 2013

Ready for This? Black P.R.

It's all the rage among China's powerful political class, Black PR.

With the ongoing crackdown on political corruption in the People's Republic, dodgy Chinese pols are becoming worried about what's available about them online.   And, in an internet savvy country like China, there's always a solution - for a price.

"...crooked Chinese politicians are paying to vanish from sight, with all negative stories about them scrubbed from the internet.

"'It does not matter how big or sensitive the story is, we can make it disappear,' promised a manager at Yage Times, China's largest and most notorious "black" public relations firm.

"Dozens of Chinese officials have been put under investigation in recent months, and Communist Party members at every level are worried. In particular, they fear the internet, where stories about corrupt officials often go viral, putting pressure on the Communist Party to launch a high-profile investigation.

"In almost 42 per cent of this year's corruption cases, the public has provided a tip-off, often on the web, according to Zhang Shaolong, an official at the party's discipline unit.
"As a result, the market for "black PR" is booming. A quick search showed at least 30 companies have sprung up to offer government officials, shady businessmen and scandal-hit celebrities the chance to wipe their slates clean."



kootcoot said...

I imagine Slimeball Steve is begging his Chinese overlords for permission to use the services of their Black PR firm right about now.

Anyong said...

And more to the point Mr. Duffy.

deb said...

hmmm I guess people can use screenshot saves and printers more often. Weird stuff!

Anyong said...

And perhaps the Mayor pronunciation Ma-yor and not mare Mr. Ford.

Elliott Taylor said...

And if scrubbing doesn't remove the stain, there is always disinformation dye available to cover it up.

The Mound of Sound said...

When I read this I was left wondering whether something along these lines isn't available outside the People's Republic to folks with deep pockets. I expect it would be vastly more difficult and costly and far less likely to work in the developed world.

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