Saturday, May 25, 2013

Scandals of Steve Harper - An Album

One of the first things Stephen Harper did upon becoming prime minister was to redecorate the foyer of the House of Commons, replacing portraits of former Canadian prime ministers with photos of himself.

Maybe it's time to refresh that gallery.   Here are a few shots to update Steve's portfolio:

Harper with Tom Flanagan

Harper with fugitive Nathan Jacobsen

Harper with fugitive Arthur Porter

Harper with Bev Oda

Harper with Jaffer

Harper with Duffy

Harper with Nigel Wright
Harper Brazeau
Bruce Carson with Harper Stand-In, Ian Brodie
Harper with Maxime Bernier (absent Julie Couillard)

Harper Mulroney

Harper with Rob Ford

And Another
And Another

Trying to Help Ford Recover His Stash

And now, a bit of humour from FreeRadioRevolution:


Lorne said...

No further comment, obviously, is needed here, as the pictures speak for themselves, Mound. Thanks for this evocative compilation.

Anonymous said...

Went looking for an update on the guy standing between Harper and Benny recently, and it appears he is still in Canada. Leaving me to wonder how long it usually takes for Canada to extradite someone who has been convicted of crimes in the US that are considered serious enough to warrant prison time?

The Mound of Sound said...

Yes, Lorne, it's very flattering, isn't it?

Anon, you mean Jacobsen is still in Canada? Wow.

Anonymous said...

Can't seem to find the link I located yesterday, but did find this;

By Michael Harris | Feb 24, 2013

"Interestingly, Jacobson is still in Canada. He is involved in a legal battle over extradition to the United States, where he faces a lengthy jail term for his admitted crimes."

double nickel said...

Jacobson apparently has more political clut than say...Marc Emory.

The Mound of Sound said...

DN - I think that's pretty much a given.

Beijing York said...

I believe there was a photo floating around of Harper with Matt Meir of RackNine, robocall facilitators who were recently fined for making fake calls on behalf of the Wildrose Party during the recent Alberta elections.