Monday, May 13, 2013

One More Freaking Day

It has been such a long time coming but tomorrow we will end the arrogant and abusive reign of British Columbia's corrupt and dishonest provincial government.

The cheap hustlers, thieves and fixers collectively known as the British Columbia Liberal Party will be kicked to the curb where they can indulge in an in-house orgy of recriminations and revenge.  I wonder how Christy Clark sleeps amid the noise of all those Liberal knives being sharpened.

I will have to wait until tomorrow night to learn the fate of my own, once very safe Liberal riding.  The Tyee proclaimed Parksville-Qualicum Beach "too close to call" and judging from the number of polls and surveys that have come in over the past two weeks and the robo-calls from the Libs and NDP yesterday and today, I guess that's what they figure too.   Wow, maybe my vote will actually matter this time.

A curious side note to this election campaign has come from articles in the Calgary Herald and the hilarious reader comments they elicit.   Editorials and op-ed pieces have warned that B.C. was going straight to hell if it turfed the Liberals.   Revealing their firm belief that the heavens revolve around Calgary, they've spun the fanciful notion that this election is all about their goddamned Northern Gateway and Kinder Morgan pipelines.

Readers have berated us as "loony lefties" and worse and warned that we wouldn't be sharing Alberta's blessed economy if we snubbed their pipelines.   Apparently they believe that, having lashed themselves to a ruinous economy, doubling down is the safest bet.   While they haven't been paying much attention to us we have been paying plenty to them and their Wild Rose economic and environmental recklessness.  When the global Carbon Bubble bursts it will begin in Athabasca and it will be as abrupt in coming as it will be severe in devastation.

So to the Calgary Herald writers and all their readers, thanks but no thanks.


bcwaterboy said...

We can only hope that Clark's patronage appointment will keep her far and away from the public eye. Can't stand to hear any more nonsense from this woman.

Agonsi Precious said...

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Elliott Taylor said...

It was the NDP's race to lose, and they lost, big. Adrian Dix is a nice guy, who ran a nice clean positive campaign, but he's clearly not the man to lead the British Columbia NDP.

The only lulzy thing tonight is that Clark is trailing the NDP in Point Grey. FSM, give us that please.

Four more years :\

The Mound of Sound said...

What an awful night, Elliott. My consolation prize is Andrew Weaver getting the Greens into the legislature.