Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Who Is That Winging His Way to Cavendish, PEI?

Harper's Consigliere?
 Word has it that Harper minister and loyalist, James Moore, has been dispatched to P.E.I. to demand that the Cavendish Cottager resign his senate seat.

Will Duffy call the cops on another intruder?

Does Harper's envoy come bearing parting gifts?   Oh to be a fly on the wall.


Dana said...

Jaysus, just look at his glorious self.

Just as likely Moore's on his way out to PEI with a couple of barbecued pigs for them to chow down on.

deb said...

wow, this is just getting crazier! I wonder why duffy was soo important for the coverup. Mulcair and Trudeau need to keep digging. Maybe one of them can entice Wright to spill the beans.

The Mound of Sound said...

Dana, shame on you. Philistine! A lot of us get a tad girthy in old age.

Yes, Deb, this does seem to be getting crazier. I am told there are more developments to come out, perhaps from the same dissidents who have so masterfully controlled the leaks of information and documents so far. There has to be something that fills in the gaps and resolves the apparent contradictions.

I'm hearing that Duffy has a sense of grievance with Harper, a belief that he's been let down, scapegoated. My guess is that played a big role in the secret, PMO deal that has since gone bad. Look how far Wright, Perrin and Harper were willing to go to appease Duffy. They must have felt there was a lot at stake if they didn't.

I have trouble imagining that Jim Moore is going to go out to Cavendish to pound Duffy into submission. Yet giving him inducements to resign could well be a criminal offence.

Here's another thing. If I can learn of James Moore's mission to PEI, do you think Harper's insurgents don't know?

Dana said...

Mound, as have I in my old age, but Moore isn't in his old age.

Perhaps he's known as Moose Moore.

Whatever the case there's certainly a case to be made for better tailoring.

The Mound of Sound said...

Dana, are you suggesting Harper has a thing for "Bears"? Wait a second - Baird, Kenney, Van Loan, Moore - maybe you're on to something. Spread the word.

rumleyfips said...

In the late 80's I worked for the Ontario Gov't in Eastern Ontario.One bad manager liked to hire guys in the closet. I never thought it was any interest beyond control. He liked to have something over people and this was the dark ages there.

Maybe things are still stuck in a 30 year time warp with the reformers.