Friday, May 17, 2013

Grizzly Versus Go-Pro

If you've spent any time in grizzly territory, chances are you have wondered at some point what it might be like if you found yourself face to face with the big brown bear.  Wonder no more.

Crews filming The Great Bear StakeOut had a Go-Pro camera attached to a rock, hoping to catch some grizzly video.   The bear, and her cub, thought it looked tasty.   So here, for your weekend amusement, is what you never, ever want to see in person.

Now it's been a real bitch of a week and so I think I'll take my leave.  Have a great holiday weekend everyone.  Next week is bound to be better.

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Anyong said...

When you say "bitch" MOS you know you are referring to female right? How about a "bastard" of a week or in your case regarding the election in B.C. a "fetard" of a! Cheers!