Thursday, May 16, 2013

They Have Re-Elected Their "Liberal" Lapdog - Now They're Coming For Our Coast

It will probably be sooner rather than later before we find out whether Christy Clark will become British Columbia's Judas Goat to the Northern Gateway and Kinder Morgan pipeline/supertanker fiascos.

Steve Harper, Alison Redford and Enbridge just need to buy or coerce Clark's capitulation, make her sell-out  the province and people of British Columbia, and then ram those goddamned pipelines down our throats.   They've got plenty of markers to call in after her Hail Mary election win.

Clark will have to be ready to deal with unrest of a wide range from First Nations and other groups and individuals determined that our territory and coast be defended against Alberta and Ottawa.  She will have to be prepared to use force and the full power of her law to thwart the clear will of a solid and growing majority of the people of her province.   She will have to be willing to move on lifelong law-abiding grey hairs who stand against her and turn them into criminals.  Christy Clark will have to accept becoming the most reviled woman in the history of British Columbia, knowing that she will never be forgiven.

Those who stand up to Christy Clark, Enbridge, Harper, Redford and all their minions and enforcers and the secret police force Harper created for just this purpose will know that they stand on the wrong side of order and the law because that is the right thing, the thing that must be done.

They will draw the attention of the world and of the major markets down upon the federal and Alberta and British Columbia governments, their high-handed and rotten dealings with a totalitarian Communist government they so recently purported to condemn, and their willingness to sacrifice one of the world's last remaining great treasures, the British Columbia coast, for the benefit of foreign oil companies who can't even  pay proper compensation to the people of Alberta.

What's wrong with filling their damned jails if that is the cost of doing what's right, defending what's ours?   Nothing at all.  In fact, a criminal record for this would be a badge of high honour to be worn proudly.

And, look on the bright side.   Maybe this is where the Carbon Bubble bursts.   Could there be a better or more likely place for that bubble to burst?  It's already the highest-carbon, highest cost, least profitable petroleum on the planet.   A little granny insurrection could be all that's needed to tip the bitumen market straight into a ditch.

Because they may be able to buy Christy Clark but they can't buy us.


susansmith said...

Well BC citizens who voted for the lib govt voted for the pipelines too. That is democracy.

So anybody who didn't vote has no say in this matter and those who voted liberal have no reason to voice concern. It's a package deal.

The Mound of Sound said...

Actually, Jan, here on the coast - the area directly threatened by tanker traffic, it was almost a total NDP sweep.

And, to clear your head, nobody voted FOR any pipeline. CC certainly didn't campaign for that mandate so tell me again about your notions of democracy?

BTW, Jan, I did not vote Liberal.

The Mound of Sound said...

And one other thing, Jan. The Liberals didn't win. Your Dippers lost, big time. They were worse than useless, like tits on a boar hog.

Dana said...

Jan is one of the dumbest, blindest and most repetitious partisans of any stripe I've ever encountered. In some ways she's worse than a lot of the Con mouthpieces because she pretends to be something she's not - an actual democracy supporter. When it comes right down to it I think she's a Stalinist - if she knows what that even means I'd be surprised though.

Treat her like a troll and your life will be smoother.

The Mound of Sound said...

I don't know about that, Dana, but she does become tiresome awfully quickly. At least she's utterly predictable.