Friday, May 24, 2013

Of 9-Billion, More than Half will Endure Water Shortage

It's not a big problem, yet, in Canada and most of us wouldn't know there's a problem at all.   But much of our world, including the United States, is already experiencing serious freshwater challenges.

Global warming plays a huge role in the worsening freshwater crisis.  A warmer atmosphere holds more water vapour and that triggers a variety of consequences from providing additional energy to fuel severe storm events to disruptions of the very precipitation patterns that enabled the creation and growth of our civilization.  In the future places that already have enough or too much rainfall will get more and places that don't have enough will get less.

We're familiar with the projection that mankind's population will swell to over nine billion within this century.  A new report forecasts that a majority of those nine billion will live with permanent water shortages.

Welcome to the Athropocene:

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